How to do a full car wrap with Mactac films

Mar 01, 2021

In the last years the trend of car wrapping has increased, which has also pushed the technology and the materials to progress as well. Three main reasons, which are named from the car wrapping fans are the wish to customize and personalize your vehicle, to advertise and visually communicate and also to protect the vehicle from scratches and other surface damage.

In following ‘how to’ tutorials we present procedure of car wrap with self-adhesive cast films (Mactac ColourWrap Series) on different surfaces.


ColourWrap -Application on flat area


ColourWrap – Application on corrugation


ColourWrap – Application on car mirror


Manufacturer Mactac with its Mactac ColourWrap Series has been our favourite distributing choice for a number of years, due to our confidence in their product quality, excellent 3D performance (convex, concave) such as car bonnets, wheel arches and doors. Moreover, the film is also equipped with the latest “Bubble Free” adhesive technology which enables the user to apply the film quickly and effortlessly, any air bubbles or wrinkles are easy to push out.

The Mactac ColourWrap Series offers - in cast quality - 50 different coloured wrapping films, that includes gloss, gloss metallic, matt and matt metallic finishes.